Friday, September 2, 2016

Meghan McPherson on the Flooding in Louisiana

by Amanda Hayman ’17

Adelphi’s Meghan McPherson, adjunct professor of emergency management and assistant director for the Center for Health Innovation, talks to the LI Herald about the historic Louisiana flooding which has left over 40,000 homes damaged, 30,000 people rescued and 13 dead.

“The scope of this is astronomical,” McPherson told the LI Herald. “This is a compounding trauma, because many of the families who were traumatized by Katrina and had to flee, they fled to higher ground in Baton Rouge and now lost everything again.”   

McPherson also praised the efforts of Project Pay it Forward, the Chamber of Commerce, Project 11561 and many local businesses for launching a drive to collect school supplies and gift cards.

“I think this event next week is great,” said McPherson. “The school supplies will help these kids have some semblance of normalcy. As we remember, not only do they have nothing at home, but they also lost all their school supplies.”